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You hesitate to choose a synthetic wig or a natural wig. Here is a small comparison that can guide you in your choice. 

The advantages of a natural wig

If you are looking for a realistic wig, the natural wig is the best option. Indeed, in terms of realism, movement but also sensations, it is difficult to do better than real hair! The rendering has a very natural appearance and it will be difficult to differentiate it from your hair. Natural human hair wigs are often changeable. They offer many possibilities of hairstyles and support heating devices. These hair extensions can be curled, straightened, colored like your real hair. They will give you the opportunity to change haircuts regularly.

There are different types of hair textures on natural wigs, depending on the origin of the hair (Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Brazilian for the most common). You can choose the texture that suits you the most: smooth, slightly wavy, curly, etc.

There are different qualities of hair. Human hair is said to be “Remy” (or Remy hair) when they are all positioned in the same direction. They are easier to comb and tangle less because their scales do not cling to each other.

Natural wigs have a longer lifespan than synthetic ones, especially the high quality ones. For your info, you can buy high quality natural hair wigs from Kameymall in just a few clicks. Natural hair that has not undergone chemical treatments has even greater longevity. It is possible to keep them for 2 years or more depending on the use and care given to your hair prosthesis. 

The Disadvantages of a Real Hair Wig

The price of real hair wigs can be a barrier to purchase. These wigs are more expensive than synthetic models. This price difference is explained by the difficulty of finding human hair of a certain length and of good quality. The longer they are, the more expensive they will be.

Natural wigs require specific care similar to that of your own hair. They will be essential to keep your hair shiny and with an apparent vitality. Natural hair does not hold hairstyles, you must style it every day like you do with your hair. This can be overwhelming if you are short on time or energy.

Like your own hair, human hair in wigs reacts to weather conditions. They can puff up or lose their smooth appearance and become foamy if the weather is humid.

Caring for a natural hair wig

Wash once a month with shampoo and natural wig care (sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner, balm). 

The synthetic wig

The quality of synthetic wigs has come a long way in recent years. In order to cope with the vagaries of the supply of real hair, manufacturers have developed new synthetic fiber technologies with resemblances and behaviors ever closer to real hair. 

Advantages of a synthetic wig

The texture, color, density of synthetic wigs increasingly resemble those of real hair. These wigs are lighter at equal length and density than the natural ones. There is a large selection of colors, tints and shades on synthetic models. The rarity of real hair allows for fewer fantasies.

These wigs are easy to style because they have shape memory. No need to spend hours styling them. Most of them are ready to wear straight out of their boxes. Faster maintenance than a natural wig, frees up time. They recover their shape whatever the time, after a wash, do not become flat or frizzy as hair can do. Synthetic wigs are cheaper. Depending on their qualities, their prices can be 2 times cheaper than a natural model. 

Disadvantages of a synthetic hair wig

Some synthetic fibers have an unnatural shiny appearance. They can then be guessed quite easily.

Their shorter lifespan. This is due to the nature of the fiber. This lesser longevity is also explained by the fact that the synthetic fiber tangles easily and creates frizz when it is damaged (friction with clothing and wear).

Their styles are less editable. It is not possible to change the color nor do curling or smoothing on most heat sensitive ones. So be careful of heat sources that could melt the fiber. Synthetic wigs with heat-resistant fibers do not have this problem if you follow the recommendations. 

Care of a synthetic fiber wig

A wash every 4 weeks or so is to be expected. Use gentle shampoos, conditioners and conditioners suitable for synthetic hair (which tends to tangle). Here is what to give you an opinion on the different existing products with their advantages and disadvantages. You will be able to get an idea according to your needs between synthetic wigs and natural wigs.

Here are the notable differences between synthetic wigs and natural wigs. Did you enjoy this post? We really hope so! Thank you for reading and have a great day.


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